Knee Pain (Patellofemoral Pain)

One of the most common knee pain complaints, Patellofemoral Pain can be fixed with some massage therapy and a few basic exercises.

Here Darran talks about one of these exercises, TKE.

Stuck in/on a Bubble

It is estimated that the evolution of humans, the modern human we know today, started around 200,000-250,000 years ago.

This is when humans, became human (Homo sapiens).

In 1987 Nike released the Nike Air Max and started to further undo the 200k years of gait evolution.

Popular culture and fashion has embraced air filled shoes since the 90's, but more so than ever I see fashion over function invade the fitness industry.

Around the same time in 2013 when Instagram started finding its feet, a study was published on muscle activation between squatting on a stable surface vs. an unstable surface.

Irrespective of the surface, the study shows that the more weight lifted, the more muscle activated.

No more muscle activation occurred on an unstable surface.

BUT! Participants had a 40% decrease in load lifted on an unstable surface!

So, what's happening to your feet and load transfer under your bubbles of air?

You're going against nature and not being grounded, to the ground.

These shoes have a high lift from the ground and normally a large heal toe drop.

If you want instability training, don't do it through your shoes.

And from what I see in my clinic, numerous (not all) ankle, knee and hip injuries could have possibly been avoided through better footwear. 

Better footwear starts with something as simple as being branded Barefoot. This means a more stable construction, no air bubbles and a minimal heal-toe drop, 4mm or less.

You are not supporting your feet and ankles rolling about in the most expensive balloons you'll ever spend your money on.

Healthy feet, ankles, knees and hips?…

Take the fashion culture from your feet get grounded to correct foot structure. 

Choose footwear based on your training goals.


Oh, how are lives have become so easy!

Yes, easy!

Modern day stress is not linked to our anthropological roots.

Our fight or flight responses are now switched on in work, driving and what ever else people have to complain about or be offended by.

Not in fear of being eaten by a mountain lion anymore while out looking for food to survive, we are cocooned in air conditioned safety down at the local super market surrounded by food that has more air miles than most of us.

Let me bring you back in time, a time where we hunted and gathered our food.

A period of human existence where searching for food was more physically demanding than wrestling a shopping trolley down aisles.

A period of time that equates to 99% of human existence.

Cambridge University carried out a study comparing the bones of our ancestors to those of today's modern human beings.

Our bones have grown weaker since farming was invented!

Scientists claim if these hunter gatherers were to cross our paths, our ancestors would have been capable of outrunning some of the world’s most talented athletes.

We’re certainly weaker than we used to be  

Where are the physical demands of survival gone?

We have none!

This is why I believe we need to have moments in our lives where we push ourselves to the boundaries of our limits.

Weekly moments, not brief moments.

Workouts where you experience an inner monologue of quit, this is too hard, it hurts, I can't.

Workouts that evoke an emotional response, maybe not always positive during, but an overwhelming sense of accomplishment after.

Because life is too easy.

When you truly experience what is hard to do, your old perception of what is hard, becomes a lot easier.

The hunt is on!

Become AWESOME at high fives!

Become awesome at high fives!

Hands up who would like to win the lotto?...

No body?...

Wait, was your hand up?...

Sorry I didn't see you there!

...why didn't I see you?

because of your ability to do something extremely simple

the ABILITY to raise your arm straight up in full forward flexion.

Is this not such a simple idea?

BUT how many of us can not even give a high five?


Queue the scare mongering... natural movement will inevitably lead to some issue or injury!


If you've ever had a shoulder injury you will know the weeks of recovery and impingement pain of injury.

As always I encourage prevention and maintenance treatment sessions, rather than treatment sessions to fix an issue. 

Drop the low fives and start hitting those high fives with this simple stretch.

You're going to need two things, 

a door and a red band from D8 Fitness.

(I'll leave a link for the band below) 

It's required BY LAW to re-do a high five if the first one was not good enough.

Holy Gastrocnemius Batman!!!

Do you ever think about your ankles?

And how they are affecting other joints?

Poor ankle mobility is one of the main factors when we think about poor squat movement. 

Lifestyle is a contributing factor, the shoes we were have a heal lift in them.

As opposed to being bare foot.

We don't squat further down day to day than sitting on a chair.

"But I don't need to be able to squat in full range"

You mean you don't want your body to fully function like it should?

From an exercise perspective, 

and we are all active,

the squat is a foundation movement which we should all be performing.

But first we are going to start to fix it one joint at a time.

Starting with your ankles.

Ok, let's get testing.

Do we have enough movement in our ankles?...

Get a measuring tape, measure fives inches from the wall and draw a line.

Place your foot on the line so there is five inches from the top of your big toe to the wall.

Keeping your foot pointing straight and fully flat on the floor we're going to try and touch our knee to the wall.

No cheating now, foot straight, knees straight, hips straight and your foot not lifting from the floor!

Pretty hard, huh?

So, you can or you can't do it?...

You can't?...

Here's the FIX!

We're going to mobilise your ankle using this easy door frame stretch.

Holding onto either side of the door frame we are going to crouch down, put our foot up against the door frame and try get our heal as close to the door frame as possible.

Now we stand.

It's important at this point to note that if we need to increase the stretch it isn't just a matter of leaning forward

but closing the gap from our hips the door frame, bring your hips towards the door frame. 

Hold each part of the stretch for 2min.

This can be performed regularly during the day, but at least once a day as a minimum would be advised until we are able to perform the above "five inch test" with ease.

The second part of this stretch involves keeping your foot in position, but bringing your hips back

and pushing your knee towards the door frame.

Limited joint range of movement equals limited free movement.

The WINNING Formula!

Does the magic pill exist?...

One pill to fix and cure everything!

The secret is...

It does exist! AND I know where it is!

Take a left at the hobbit house, straight down through the enchanted woods and you'll find it right beside the forest where money grows on trees...

Believe me?...

I sincerely hope not!

BUT I'll tell you something that a lot of people will believe,

They believe there is an easy, quick fix.

Here is something I can promise, that (to a certain extent) it does exist. AND I know where it is!

A client of mine, Fiona, knows where it is too.

Fiona came to me with two unfortunate consecutive injuries that seriously affected her running.

So soon after completing the London Marathon,

Fiona went from 40km to 1km!

A back injury to start, directly followed by a knee injury.

Not being able to run a basic few kilometers, we started straight away with a quick and efficient recovery process that proved extremely successful.

These injuries were swiftly solved and cured in the shortest time possible!


Here's the BEST bit...

After the we solved Fiona's injuries, she scheduled regular maintenance appointments to keep herself in top running performance...


(Speak for themselves)

10 months after being 100% injury and pain free:

- Warriors Run 2018

- OVER 1000 competitors

- 15KM off road over the mountains of Sligo

Fiona was the 9TH FASTED FEMALE


This race is so high paced they have a WARNING for everyone who enters.



This is my passion, this is where I excel, this is what I love doing.

I am so grateful to have been able to help Fiona and congratulate her on her recent success.

The evidence for Sports Therapy is over whelming.

Regular maintenance appointments work, it's been proven time and time again.

I invite you to consider, that if you are active, Sports Therapy is an Urgency.

Do Not Wait For Emergency!

Investing in your health now has a profound impact in future years.

Thirty Thirty

Have you ever been confined to a seating position for a long period of time?

A long bus journey, trip on a train or a flight?

We've all been there, sure even four plus hours in the car.

How do you feel afterwards?

I know personally myself I can't wait to get out, stretch the legs, reach up over head with my arms and undo all the limb compression


Why do we not feel the same way about work?...

You're squeezed into a chair.

Maybe only get up for bathroom breaks, or a trip to the photocopier.

"I get up for lunch"

That's right, you do... Only to sit down and eat it at a cafe, or worse, at your desk.

Now, this mightn't be the case for you.

But the undeniable truth is that we have all been guilty of sitting for prolonged periods at our desk. 

And it hasn't been unavoidable like on transport.

We can choose to get up.

And WE SHOULD be choosing to get up every 30min for at least 30sec.

30sec to undo 30min

  • Standing tall, imagine a string attached to the top of your head pulling you into a straight posture.
  • Put your arms out in front of you with your palms facing up.
  • Squeeze your hands into a fist and draw you arms down by your side.
  • Pull the shoulders back and down, while tucking your chin in to straighten your head.
  • Squeeze your legs and and quads tight.
  • Your whole body should be tight now, squeezing all the way through. All most like you are going to take off in flight!
  • Hold for 30sec.
  • Repeat every 30min.

"Be sure you put your feet in the right placethen stand firm."
- Abraham Lincoln


Decompress from the day.

Sitting causing uneven spinal loading, compressed together with the effects of gravity is not a good combination.

Jaysus, that doesn't sound too good...

...well its not too good.

Having Sciatica is not too good either.

In fact it's pretty crap.

Or worst case, a herniated disc.

"Ah sure, it won't happen to me"

Famous last words...

... prevention is better that cure.

Spinal Decompression.jpg

Lets lengthen that spine and take some pressure off our discs.

This is what we're going to do!

STEP ONE: Back Block!

We're using the to legs provide the traction. When lying over the Yoga Block there's an agreeable pulling sense through the abdomen and low back.

Lying back, passively draped backwards over the Yoga Block is the quintessential anti-sitting posture. It is especially effective at stretching out the front of the lumbar segments and drawing fluid into the discs.

Relax into this posture for 3-5 min.

DBR Back Yoga Block.jpg

STEP TWO: Glute Bridge!

Fire those sleepy glutes up after hours of sitting on them!

Sitting down all day tightens the hip flexors, rotating our pelvis forward and compressing the lumbar discs.

The glute bridge safely activates our glutes and realigns our pelvis into its natural postion

The muscles which run from your calves, glutes, hamstrings and lower back–are extremely important for healthy movement, great posture, athleticism, and a back that is free from pain and discomfort.

Remember, push your hips up as high as you can and squeeze your glutes hard with this exercise.

Now... hold for 1min!

DBR Glute Bridge.jpg

"I wish I was a little bit taller
I wish I was a baller..."


The more time I spend barefoot, the more I realise how weak my feet are.

Something so natural to life, I'm essentially teaching my feet how to walk again.

I was out for a short hike yesterday.

A simple Sugar Loaf climb.

There was a mother with her son, he was maybe only five years old.


Here I am promoting being barefoot, while wearing my (barefoot style) SHOES and this small human embodies everything I believe in.

I was amazed... and also very jealous.

As on the return down the Loaf home I decided it was time to take my shoes off.

I struggled on the loose ground that only 20mins ago a young boy RAN full speed up.

So where are we going wrong? 

Lots of places!

But here are three exercises as a starting point to regain the strenght our feet have lost.

Towel Curls

Place a small towel on the ground and curl it towards you, using only your toes.
Try 2min for each foot.

DBR Towel Curl.JPG

Towel Pickup

Similar to another exercise picking marbles up with your feet.
Pick the towel up off the ground with one foot and place it in front of the other to pick up.
Try this for 3min total.

DBR Towel PickUp.JPG

Advanced - Towel Pass

An advanced version of this is to pass the towel to the other foot while off the ground.
Lift the towel from the ground, pass it to the other foot, place it back on the floor and repeat.
Try this for 2min.

Towel Pass.jpg

Hindu Squat - Paused

The most demanding of the exercises, the paused Hindu Squat.
Coming up high onto to your toes, start to come down into a squat.
Make sure you make at least parallel, but no lower with this squat.
Hold for as long as you can!
Wait 1min rest time and repeat.

DBR Hindu Squat.JPG



  • belonging naturally; essential.


This is a topic that has come up a lot the last week in my clinic.


And why for a huge percentage, our feet, are... 

Well... they're not in a good way. 

They've switched off into standby mode.

We wear shoes all day, everyday! Wearing shoes all the time is the equivalent to wearing massive skiing gloves on your hands the entire time.

You wouldn't be able to do a thing wearing massive gloves all day!

Your hands wouldn't work! They'd eventually loose the capacity to able to do, what they're meant to do.

And that's the same with our feet! All our feet have lost the capacity to do, what they're meant to do.

If you ever look a two year walking (BAREFOOT), you can actually see their toes crawling, wriggling, searching for the ground.

Have you seen how are feet are suppose to look like?

Look at your own constricted, shaped by shoes, stuck together toes, narrow feet. And now look at this picture below.

Natural Feet One.jpg

Our "normal" feet, are not so normal.

We've a modern epidemic which can be related to Chinese foot binding.

Free your feet!

Take your shoes AND SOCKS off for as much as possible during the day.

YES! Socks as well. And no socks in bed.

"But my feet are cold"

Are you hands cold? If you wore gloves all day and took them off your hands would be cold too.

There is nothing more natural AND NORMAL than bare feet.

Its not cold, your feet will get use to the normal ground temperature.

Natural Feet Two.jpg


And yes there are many.

Ankle, Knee, Hip issues are the main ones.

Fallen arches = Orthotics?...

If your arm was fallen, would you hire someone to "walk around" with you and lift your arm up when you needed to use it?

No! You'd work on exercises to development muscular strength to regain the ability to use your arm yourself.

So why are so many people reliant on shoe inserts for arch support.

Your arches are designed to support your foot, to hold it, to create a bridge of elastic tension in the sole of your foot.

Would working on muscular strength to develop your own natural arch make more sense than supporting a switched off structure with a synthetic alternative?


I am going to show you how you can get sole, check above for BLOG TWO on feet (03/06/2018)!

Regain what we've all lost.


If you wear shoes all day, the whole world will feel like leather.

My Feet.jpg


We are drinking a lot of the black stuff.

One pint per day for some people.

Maybe even more!

But not as you know it, I’m talking about COFFEE!

There are numerous positive benefits from consuming coffee and in particular the caffeine it has “hidden” with in.

I think we can all admit that coffee gives us a kick?...

No?... You feel no “kick”... How do you feel when you don’t have your coffee?

Slow to start, sleepy and uncoordinated with a hint of brain fog.

Well... That’s how you’re meant to be... AT NIGHT!

So let’s talk about the point of this email.

It’s focused to all you after midday coffee drinkers.

“But I can sleep fine at night after having a coffee.”

Sorry to tell you some news about that, caffeine is a neurostimulant with psychoactive properties.

It’s chemically designed to keep you alert, awake, focused.

We spend 20% of our sleep in a “Deep Sleep” state and caffeine late in the evening will knock you out of this incredible important stage of our sleep cycle.

Deep sleep is the key ingredient to our body’s recovery.

Caffeine’s effects of increasing energy and making you feel more alert are due to its interaction with adenosine receptors in the brain.

Caffeine is an adenosine blocker.

With adenosine been show to play a huge role in promoting sleep, coffee after 12:00 is a bad idea.

But, why no coffee after 12:00?

The caffeine in coffee has a half life of 6hrs.

This means if you consume 200mg at midday you still have 100mg in you at around 18:00.

Now imagine having your cup of coffee in the evening.

Why would you take something which chemically affects your brain to keep it awake, at night, when your brain and body are naturally trying to wind down and switch into a night of deep sleep recovery?

Something to sleep on... ;-)


How well do you know your UVB rays?
Are you getting enough Vitamin D?
Probably not!
Because 70-80% of the population aren’t getting enough.
We primarily make Vit-D from the sun and its Vit-D3 what the body largely makes.
You can Vit-D2 from vegetables. But too much of this actually blocks out Vit-D3.
The problem with making Vit-D from the sun is that we make it from UVB rays.
These rays are only around for 3-4 months of the year when you’re above latitude 37.
We’re at latitude 53!
What are you doing during those 3-4 months of the year?
Chances are you’re inside working!
Even when we are outside during the summer in the sun, we’re wearing sun cream.
This is highly advisable for the obvious reasons.
But this blocks out a high percentage of the rays.
If you are of a darker ethnicity, this blocks it out also.
So how do we get around this?
We supplement with Vitamin D3!
Do we need to supplement with VIt-D3?...
Because it controls over a 1000 different gene functions in the body!
That’s how important this Vitamin is.
When converted naturally in the skin, it travels to the liver where it gets converted, then travels into the kidneys where it’s converted into a steroid hormone...
...YES that’s how important it is!
This then turns on or off over 1000 different gene functions.


How much do you need?
Based on a weight between 65-95kg a recommended dose is 5000 IU per day.
Below 65kg would be recommended 4000 IU and above 95kg would be 6000 IU.
How do I take it?
Take Vit-D3 with a high fat meal, as it is a fat soluble vitamin.

"Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very few foods. It helps fight against cancer, improves physical performance, prevents osteoporosis, helps promote brain function and reduces depression. Deficiency of this vitamin may lead to brain disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's."


How often were we told to stand up straight as kids?
A lot right?!
Little did we know how important it would be to stand tall. Or maybe you are still not aware of this basic biomechanical need.
Gravity has a huge acting force on us and correct spinal alignment is crucial to dissipate these forces evenly through the discs of our spinal column.
Our modern world is incredible, but also incredible back for our spines.
There is a neutral acting force of 5kg on the cervical spine.
This nearly triples while looking down slightly.
Looking down at our phones!
And we spend a lot more time than we think looking down on our phones.
Simply download the Screen Time Tracker app Moment that tracks how much you use your phone daily.

Text Neck.jpg

Rounded shoulders?
That’s next on our list!
Forward sloped shoulders can lead to serious shoulder impingements and exacerbate neck issues.
Sitting at desks all day, slouched, with our keyboard and screen at the wrong height is causing serious problems for a huge percentage of people.
I’ve see this first hand.
And unfortunately I’ve been there myself.
These long periods of sitting are playing havoc with our lower backs.
Sitting puts more pressure on your spine than standing.
The disc in your back are designed to expand and contract when you move.
When you sit, the discs are compressed and can lose flexibility over time increasing your risk of a herniated disc.
Not to mention decreased hip mobility and weakness in your glutes.
How are we going to fix this?
We’re going to stand!
Yes, stand. And we only need one piece of equipment... A wall.
Four points of contact, just like in the picture


Four minutes.
Once a day.
Undo the day, at the end of the day.
You can even start the day like this if you wish.
Or, if you’re really in the mindset of posture perfection take four minutes at lunch to do this too.

Instructional notes:

  • Take your shoes off.
  • Squeeze your glutes slightly to align your lower back.
  • Tense your core slightly, but still being able to breathe deeply into your stomach.
  • Hold your shoulder lightly down, do not force them.
  • Turn your hands/arms so your thumbs are facing forward.
  • Tuck your chin slightly and press your head into the wall with little pressure.
  • Hold for hold minutes and as relaxed a state as you can.

Stand tall. Stand proud. Stand in your own, No one else is going to do it for you.


"The simple things are also the most extraordinary things
and only the wise can see them."


If it's easy and beneficial, we should do it... Right?

I believe this to be true.

Staying with the theme of the last email you received, this simple little stretch will only take FOUR MINUTES.

The Glutes are a huge collaboration of a few muscles and contribute to major forces acting on the hip.

We hear so much in old age people needing and under going hip replacements.

Keeping your hips (and hip capsule) moving fluidly and pain free can be as easy as four minutes of simple stretching once per day.

A huge percentage of lower back tightness and pain can be attributed to the glutes.

So... What are we going to do to look after our hips?

We're going to watch the video below.

How simple is that?!...

Hold the stretch for two minutes each side.

That's FOUR MINUTES total to healthy hips!

An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.

4min ABs?...

A six pack in four minutes?

Well, no.

But repetitively over time we can develop and strengthen our core.

A six pack is visable with a lower body fat percentage. This is not everyones goal though.

Is your goal to have better stability, balance, posture and stay injury free?

Yes?... No?...

If no, do any of these sound appealing to you?

Having a stronger core will reduce the risk of a lower back injury substantially.
We've all experienced a bad back at some stage!

So what can we do four minutes per day?

You have four minutes free time, don't you?...

Of course you do!

Introducing an extremely challenging core exercise:


There are four different positions in this plank.

This will challenge you and your core dynamically.

Here is how it looks:


First Position: Left arm up

Second Position: Right arm up
Third Position: Left leg up
Fourth Position: Right leg up

So that's 1min in each position.

Easy... Right?...

No?... OK!

Lets hold on a second, we're going to work up to four minutes.

And here's how we're going to do it.

Day 1-3: 15sec in each position
Day 4-6: 30sec in each position
Day 7-9: 45sec in each position
Day +10: 1min in each position

"I can't do that!"

Is this achievable?


I've seen it first hand.

Once per day is all it takes!

Instructional notes:

  • Don't let your shoulders come up to your ears, push them down hard.
  • Squeeze your glutes hard. We don't want an excessive curve in the lower back, this is bad!
  • Keep a good line from head to toes, we don't want our bums in the sky, or down too low to the floor.
  • If you struggle to put your arm straight out in front of you like shown, simply lift is from the floor or place it onto the opposite shoulder.
  • BREATH! Don't hold your breath, keep your breathing steady and controlled. In through the nose and out through the mouth.

The definition of CORE is, "The part of something that is central to its existence or character."

That's how important this is to you!

Yeah, it's going to be a GREAT DAY!

What are you doing with the first 30min of your day?

Hitting the snooze button?
Wandering around the house like a zombie?
Stressing late for work with no set morning routine?

Get your ZEN* on by preparing your body, spine and mind for the day a head!

* "Defining Zen (禅) is like trying to describe the taste of honey to someone who has never tasted it before. You can try to explain the texture and scent of honey, or you can try to compare and correlate it with similar foods. However, honey is honey! As long as you have not tasted it, you are in the illusion of what honey is."

ZEN NUMBER ONE : 0-10 min


500-1000ml of water, 1000-2000mg of Vitamin C and the juice of one squeezed lemon.


  • Water first thing in the morning helps flush out toxins by purifying your colon. Which helps nutrients to be absorbed more easily.
  • Hydrates you; You've been without water for eight hours! Which helps your brain and kidney function.

Vitamin C?

  • A water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant, it's involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage,bones, and teeth.

Lemon Juice?

  • All the benefits of Vitamin C and more.
  • Flavor your water naturally.

ZEN NUMBER TWO : 10-20 min


Spine health = Brain health.

An unhealthy spine-brain connection can lead to almost any disorder of the brain or body. Fortunately, the spine-brain connection can be enhanced by this simple movement.



Work up to six minutes.

But, on your first day start out with two minutes and add a minute on every morning.

On the fifth day of your new 30 min morning routine you'll be moving cat/cow for a full six minutes.

  1. Start on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders, and your knees directly under your hips. Point your fingertips to the top of your mat. Place your shins and knees hip-width apart. Center your head in a neutral position and soften your gaze downward.
  2. Begin by moving into Cow Pose: Inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat. Lift your chin and chest, and gaze up toward the ceiling.
  3. Broaden across your shoulder blades and draw your shoulders away from your ears.
  4. Next, move into Cat Pose: As you exhale, draw your belly to your spine and round your back toward the ceiling. The pose should look like a cat stretching its back.
  5. Release the crown of your head toward the floor, but don't force your chin to your chest.
  6. Inhale, coming back into Cow Pose, and then exhale as you return to Cat Pose.

ZEN NUMBER THREE : 20-30 min


We breath everyday, but do we breathing consciously and controlled?

"Box Breathing" provides many benefits:

  • Stimulates brain growth
  • Improves HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep
  • Balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain

Perform Box Breathing for 5-10min.

  1. Lie down on your back in a comfortable place free of any kind of distraction.
  2. Put your hands on your abdomen (to feel your way through the exercise) and try relax your muscles.
  3. Inhale deeply through your nose, expanding your abdomen and filling your lungs with air. Count slowly to five while you inhale.
  4. Hold your breath and count to five.
  5. Exhale slowly through your mouth and empty your lungs of air. Again, count slpwly for five.
  6. Hold with no air in your lungs for a count of five.

Have a powerful day with a powerful morning!

Lean Mean GREEN Breaskfast Machine

Your gut health is your health.
Many recent scientific studies have shown that your gut biome translates into your actually personality.a


That sounds crazy?... RIGHT?

Have you ever craved sugar? Science has shown us that these cravings start in the gut bacteria. What they crave, you will crave.

This massive chemical influence is how you gut bacteria can start to influence your brain chemistry.

It can affect your mood!

Just as important is how you experince your life when you feel good, versus when you feel bad.

So how should you start your day?

I start mine GREEN!


Here it is, simple, nutritious... but maybe not that delicious.
All the ingredients in this breakfast shake have been scientifically proven to improve health dramatically, met many vitamin and mineral RDAs and have major antimicrobial & antibacterial properties.

Lets get BLENDING!

KALE  ----->  100g
CUCUMBER  ----->  2" chunk (100g)
BLUEBERRIES  ----->  80g
ALMONDS  ----->  60g
AVOCADO  -----> 1 medium size
PARSLEY  ----->  Small handfull (10g)
TURMERIC  ----->  Thumb sized amount (5g)
GINGER  ----->  Thumb sized amount (5g)
GARLIC  ----->  1 clove
OREGANO OIL  ----->  5 drops
BLACK PEPPER  ----->  10 pepper corns
WATER  ----->  Enough to blend into a liquid you are able to drink


What's living inside you?

2500 years ago Hippocrates said that all disease starts in the gut.

And he wasn't wrong! 

Long before science had the technology to prove this fact, the father of medicine was curing and preventing disease and illness starting with the gut.

Your gut health, is your health!

Every time you swallow a drug based antibiotic you are causing significant harm to your digestive system by destroying the healthy bacteria in your gut.

And we are all guilty of taking pharmaceutical antibiotics. 

The journal of Microbiology claims that even a short course of antibiotics can cause undesirable changes in the gut microbiome that persist for up to four years!

So what now?

Is there another way?


Natural Antibiotics!

If you want to fight infection and illness with out destroying your health through overly prescribed drug-based antibiotics, here are the four most powerful ones BACKED BY SCIENCE that I use personally.

image1 (5).jpeg


One study found that an active substance in garlic  is up to one hundred times more effective than antibiotics.

Numerous studies have found that eating garlic on a daily basis can reduce the number of colds a person gets ny 63% and reduce the duration of cold symptoms by up to 70%.

To get all the antibiotic goodness from garlic it needs to be raw.


This wonder-spice is has huge anti-inflammatory properties, with the active ingredient being curcumin.

To active this antioxidant, arthritis fighting, brain boosting miracle root, make sure to add black pepper when eating.


Like garlic, ginger should be raw if you want to get the antibiotic effects from it.

Ginger is another promising natural antibiotic, but it is not known if ginger is as effective compared to other natural antibiotics because it hasn't been well studied.


Oregano oil contains two potent compounds called Carvacrol and Thymol. Both of which can fight off an impressive range of pathogens.

Countless people have successfully treated many infections with Oregano Oil; one of the most powerful natural antibiotics on the planet.

Use food to fuel your health!

Sprinting in the Rain

There’s more than one way to reach the top of your physical peak, but wouldn’t you like to get there faster?

Hill Sprints!

There is an abundance of positive benefits to be gained from hill sprints, the incline hill helps develop strength and power, and teaches both athletes & amateurs to fire the right muscles in the right order so they get maximum acceleration. 

Interval Training:

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) involves bursts of explosive exertion over a short period of time with interval rest periods. With interval training, there’s an elevated production of energy that can enhance the cardiovascular system, improve body composition, increase athletic and recreational performance, and increase anaerobic/muscular strength.

Anaerobic exercise also contributes to developing a greater lactate threshold.

Fat Loss:

It’s been shown again and again that HIIT is the best method for boosting metabolism throughout the entire day due to the intensity of the activity. This contrasts with jogging which minimally boasts metabolism in comparison.


Explosive maximal effort style training produces many adaptations. These short hill sprints evoke an increase in the maximal stroke volume of heart. This is a fairly complicated cardiologic discussion but simply stated, stroke volume is the amount of blood that can be pumped from the heart in one stoke. A greater stroke volume decreases the heart rate and, in a sense, makes the heart more efficient.

Lung capacity is also forced to increase over time to deal with the increased workload. Another unspoken lung benefit from hill sprints is the body’s ability to manage O2 and CO2 levels better, making the body use O2 more efficiently.


Hill sprints evoke the recruitment of Type 2 muscle fibres, these fibres are fast twitch. Simply put, these muscle fibres output the most explosive power and are crucial to speed development.

Neuromuscular pathways are strengthened and/or increased, building a stronger brain to muscle connection. Your central nervous system will be stimulated to activate more motor units. Think of motor units as spark plugs in a car, we want them all firing for maximal power production.


Training on an incline will create a more natural stride, this happens due to the knee being forced to lift higher to climb the gradient. This improvement in gait leads to a more natural and powerful stride.

Muscular Development:

Forcing the body into a maximal power output encourages adaptations in muscular development. Power will increase through the entire posterior chain; due to the incline particular activation will occur in the Glutes which are the power house of sprinting. Hamstrings will also increase in muscularity and efficiency, along with Calfs and Quads. This new dynamic power will add efficiency to your running on flat surfaces, creating the ability to increase cadence on demand with ease.


The beautiful aspect of hill sprinting is that the inclined surface prevents you from reaching top speed while running because of the resisting pull of gravity. That, with the short time periods of exertion reduces the possibility of injury further.


A well thought out and planned dynamic warm up is essential before all exercise to avoid an injury and to prepare the body for activity.

How to:

This is where interval training gets its name. Hill sprints are preformed in intervals; a sample program would look like this:

Sprint: 10-12secs

Rest: 60-90secs

Repeat: 8-10 times

Programs can be changed and advanced for different goals by changing the time periods of sprints and/or rest, along with number of sprints performed.






Start the day the right way!

Do you eat breakfast?

Are you eating the right foods first thing in the morning?

Breakfast is known as one of the most important meals of the day, and there is plenty of scientific data to back up these claims. We are waking up from a catabolic state after eight hours sleep and need to “break the fast”. Eating first thing gets our metabolism firing again, this happens through a process called Diet Induced Thermogenesis.

So what am I eating for breakfast?

Well I like my breakfast to be quick and simple, so it’s out with the blender!

Spinach, Avocado, Peanut Butter and a scoop of Whey Protein blended together with water.

I’m a big believable in a low carbohydrate breakfast, so mine is packed full of healthy fats and protein.

Why a low carb approach to eating breakfast?

I always use to have oats for breakfast and felt sluggish and slow afterwards. With for the majority of the population, breakfast entails a feast of sugar. Biologically this will spike your insulin and send your blood sugar crashing a time later.

Fats area  stable, long acting energy source with many health benefits.

Healthy fats from nuts, avocados and some oils have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

Fats are also the building blocks are many hormones in the body.

Culturally in modern society with all processed foods we are deficient in many vitamins and minerals.

Start the day right with fruit (yes, an avocado is classified as a fruit) and vegetables, spinach is one of the worlds healthiest foods. As an important added factor, avocados are high in fibre.

A healthy gut equals well being!

Protein is the building blocks for all growth and repair in our body, and not just the obvious muscles. Our hair, skin, organs etc. are all reliant on amino acids. So through the avocado, peanut butter and whey protein in the shown breakfast smoothie you are providing you body with a full amino acid profile.

Start the day the right way!